We collaborated with Austrian drinks company ‘Waterdrop’ to design a range of customised cityscape bottles, made available exclusively from their many mall outlets. 

Waterdrop is a drinks company founded in 2016 with the aim to make more people drink water by ‘dropping’ a small, dissolvable flavoured capsule into their water. Later the brand launched a popular range of reusable drinks bottles in a variety of colours, designs, materials and sizes.

In late 2019 we were approached by the team to create a series of 8 unique cityscapes: London, Paris, Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin and Prague. In early 2020, Stuttgart and Oberhausen were added to the collection.

Each city design was laser-engraved into the metallic drinks bottle, which are available in black and white colours, and also 0.5L and 1L volumes. The bottles are only available exclusively from Waterdrop’s respective city mall outlet. (E.g. Paris is only available from Waterdrop Paris)

View all of Waterdrop’s mall outlets here: https://www.waterdrop.com/pages/stores

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