“We aspire to make mementos that are

made well, and well-remembered”

Our Story

The City Works is a contemporary souvenirs brand, founded by Sylvia Moritz and Rowan Ottesen in 2015. It is based in Vienna, Austria. Each city collection is carefully researched and intricately drawn, with a variety of items made using the designs. Everything is designed in-house and made within the European Union.

Our adventure so far has led to us being available in 150 stores internationally. We’ve also partnered with museums, universities and publishers to create custom intricacies. Whether you’re a seasoned native, or a curious traveller – take a closer look, and see what you might see.

Our Values

The places we hold dear to us have their own character and their own stories to tell. From where we grew up, to where we settled down, to the places we visit, and those we still dream of seeing. In Spring 2015, The City Works set out on a journey to illustrate these places. City by city. Brick by brick.

Wherever we are and whatever we do, attention to detail is the cornerstone of everything we embark upon. By combining research, quality craftsmanship and the finest materials, our designs are made to stand the test of time. Just like the landmarks we depict.

Our Founders

After studying Graphic Design in her native Austria, Sylvia Moritz travelled America, partaking in illustration and printmaking courses at the SMFA, Boston and UC Berkeley in San Francisco. After completing her Design degree at the University of the Arts London, Sylvia practiced as a print-maker, with her intricate city etchings turning a few heads.

Sylvia then ideated a brand that used this detailed urban style in a flexible, creative, and affordable way. And so The City Works was born, on her 25th birthday, in April 2015.

Originally from England, Rowan studied design for a number of years, before residing in London while working as a Graphic Designer for a handful of London-based design agencies.

During this time he worked on branding projects for a variety of clients including charities and rails networks. In 2015, Rowan partnered with Sylvia to take on the new challenge of managing The City Works at its inception.



The City Works
A trading name of Starlingson OG

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Vienna, Austria

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