Powis Place

We teamed up with Architecture firm Alumno Developments to design a bespoke mural and welcome pack, for a brand new accommodation building in the heart of Aberdeen. 

After working with the University of the Arts London on a couple of large scale mural designs, our work caught the eye of Alumno Developments, an architecture firm specialising in UK-based building projects. The London-based team is recognised for their work on hospitals, housing and student halls.

Our brief was to capture everything architecturally interesting about the historic city of Aberdeen, to display in the form of an intricate mural design in a new student hall building at Powis Place.

Because of its abundance of local granite, Aberdeen is known locally as the ‘Granite City’, with a variety of the city’s landmarks making the most of the sturdy material. To mention a few: The Aberdeen Library, Aberdeen Grammar School, King’s College, Marischal College, and the Powis Gate Towers. All of these landmarks and more were intertwined together to make one of our most intricate designs to date.

The mural is positioned along the entrance wall, making it not just the first to see when walking inside, but also as the building is approached, as it is visible through the glass panelling outside. In total, the design is seven metres long and nearly three metres high.

The Powis Place design was also applied to a set of notebooks and canvas bags. These served as small welcome packs, for the new guests of the halls. The notebook covers are digitally printed with white ink, and the tote bags are screen-printed, also with white ink. We used grey paper and fabric, to reflect Aberdeen’s unmissable granite architecture.

We’d like to thank Alumno for the opportunity, it was a great brief and another opportunity to discover a new, interesting city. If you have a project in mind that might benefit from a beautiful, unique cityscape illustration, please get in touch with us on our contact form.

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