MAK Vienna Europride Collection

Following on from our previous notebook collaboration, we partnered with MAK again to produce a range for the Europride Vienna 2019 celebrations. 

Beginning on June 1st 2019, Vienna will be proudly hosting Europride, a two-week festival celebrating and supporting the LGBTIQ community.

Naturally, many of Vienna’s famous institutions will be holding a series of talks, events, workshops and of course, parades. This includes the MAK (Museum of Applied Arts).

To take part, we designed and made a series of notebooks, one representing each colour of the Gay Pride Flag: Pink, Red, Yellow, Orange, Violet, Blue, Turquoise and Green.

Each notebook comes with a label explaining the meaning of it’s colour. The whole set is available from the MAK Design Shop on the Stubenring from June onwards.

MAK-Notebook-Blue-Front-Web by The City Works
MAK-Notebook-Blue-Back-Web by The City Works
MAK-Notebook-Blue-CloseUp-Web by The City Works
MAK-Notebook-Blue-Detail1-Web by The City Works

Available in 8 colours

MAK-Notebook-Yellow-Angle-Web by The City Works
MAK-Notebook-Red-Angle Web by The City Works
MAK-Notebook-Orange-Angle-Web by The City Works
MAK-Notebook-Turquois-Angle-Web by The City Works

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