Lost in Paris Colouring Book

The follow-up to ‘Lost in London’ takes you on a spiral-shaped colouring tour through the 20 ‘arrondissiments’ of Paris. Published by Hardie Grant Publishing in March 2017, the 96 page book contains hundreds Parisian buildings to add your own colourful customisations to.

Every time we visited Paris in the past, a spell of sorts was cast over us. We found ourselves in awe at every landmark, even if it wasn’t the first time we had seen it in person.

The city always inspired curiosity, a desire to wander forever, to try every food, and to go inside tourist attractions, especially if visiting hours were already over for the day.

So when we began work on our second colour-in book, Lost in Paris, we felt that spell being cast over us again.

While jotting down notes, sketching landmarks and discovering more of Paris’s famous streets and beautiful parks, there were times when it was hard to resist putting down the pen, closing the laptop screen and jetting off to the City of Lights just one more time.

Although there is no substitute for the real thing, with our latest outing, we’ve taken great care to try to create a realistic walk-through of Paris’s incredible architecture.

Lost in Paris Colouring Book by The City Works
Lost in Paris Colouring book page close-up by The City Works

From the Louvre, at the very heart of the city, to the Palace of Versailles, outside of the city limits. We even included a Disneyland Paris spread, because even though this is an adult colour-in book, there is always a little child in all of us.

Now we have laid out the canvas, it’s over to you to add your own colour palette to the 500+ buildings we’ve drawn and stitched together into our complex cityscapes. We hope you enjoy colouring-in each one, just as much as we enjoyed drawing them for you.

We would like to thank our publishers, Kate Pollard and Hannah Roberts, for again giving us the opportunity to do what we love.

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Lost in Paris by The City Works

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