London. Woven. We collaborated with DIDYMOS to design a limited edition London-themed baby-sling, featuring an intricate illustration of England’s bustling capital.

Based in Ludwigsburg, Germany, ‘DIDYMOS’ is a family-run business, specialising in the design and manufacturing of high quality baby-slings. Since 1972, they have been keeping parents and babies together, cosy and safe in hospitals and homes around the world.

With the founders of The City Works recently becoming parents themselves, the opportunity to work together was both an exciting and timely one.

Soft and durable, the carriers are made locally across Austria and Germany, with only the finest organic materials used. Our London sling is woven from 100% cotton yarn, in a calming blue and grey colour combination.

The special edition was first unveiled at the Wrap Show, London, in June 2018. It was a chance for parents to browse, test and try a variety of slings. See the London sling in action below.

Didymos Folding

Photo credit: Instagram @thewrapshow

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