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I previously observed the preciousness of owning a notebook in a digital world, where your pocket-sized device can cater for everything that stationery can do. Now as we enter Christmas, the season of heartwarming hand-written notes, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest more of us are falling in love with beautiful stationery than ever before.

Hailing from planet London, it was difficult for us not to notice the ever increasing shop floor space dedicated to our love of the blank and printed page. With notebooks piling high and the choices of colour, foiling, texture and material serving anyones preference, the stationery trend continues to engulf the world of creatives.

London’s siblings of Paris and New York are well-known for serving their paper and pen fanatics. But now our new hometown of Vienna is turning a new leaf. There are a handful of established small independent makers that have been on the Vienna paper trail for a while. But a new shop marks the beginning of a physical presence in a small pocket of the Austrian capital. In Vienna’s 3rd district, Paperbird has landed. A brand new stationery boutique that cracked its shutters in October 2016.


Paperbird Wien by The City Works



Founded by Teresa Scheicher, who also runs her own stationery label under the same name, Paperbird is making a bold statement about stationery’s popularity and potential. With carefully curated brands such as Le Typographe, Inky Co. and Navucko, as well as being furnished with modern scandinavian simplicities, the store is crisp, clean, and breathes confidence when you enter. Hanging from the ceiling are dozens of miniature origami paper birds, a trademark of Theresa’s style. Vienna deserves a stationery shop as beautiful as this.

It would seem that there are still many among us who enjoy wielding a pencil and scribbling our dreams on something that doesn’t have a backlit screen. The world of paper is a revitalised craft rather than a forgotten art form.

If you find yourself in Vienna any time soon and would like to see the shop in person, it’s not far from the glittery architectural abnormality, the Hundertwasser House. You can get in touch with the store at



Marc-Aurel-Straße 2b
1010 Wien

Monday to Saturday 10am – 6.30pm
Sunday: Closed

Article by Rowan Ottesen, Co-founder of The City Works.