Little Works of Art

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Over time, people greet us in many different ways. They wish us a very Happy Birthday, Valentine’s Day or Christmas Day. They say thank you, congratulations, or goodbye.

If you’re lucky enough to have friends with a keen eye for a killer greetings card (or you feel too guilty throwing away teddybear cards from your great-grandmother), chances are you’ve kept these mementos over the years. Instead of allowing the pile to get taller annually, we found an alternative use for greetings cards.

Framed Greetings Cards by The City Works

Many may have already tried this, but simply getting hold of a few A6 frames and placing your chosen greetings inside, you instantly have your own miniature artwork, which can be tiled together with others to make a modular piece of art.

And next time you find yourself at a market picking up a greetings card that you like for yourself, consider the story behind it and think about who it could be benefiting. After all, a few pounds, dollars or euros for a work of art is a pretty good deal.

Greetings Cards by The City Works

If you had a go at framing a card or if you have your own alternative use for greetings cards, tweet to us @thecityworks or use the hashtag #thecityworks on all social media.

Article by Rowan Ottesen, Co-founder of The City Works.