Our Environmental Commitment

At The City Works we aim to run the most sustainable business we can, by constantly monitoring the impact we have on the wider world. From design to fulfilment, every step of our process is refined over and again, to ensure that our company is as green as can be.

  • All of our writing and poster paper is sourced from Munken, in Sweden. They have one of the most credible environmental reputations in the world.
  • Our notebook cover papers are produced by Gmund (Germany), Colorplan (UK) and Favini (Italy), all of whom are certified with FSC® and PEFC™ and EU Ecolabel certifications.
  • All of our notebooks are pressed and bound in our home country of Austria. This allows us to work with local and trusted companies exclusively certified with FSC® and PEFC™ and EU Ecolabel certifications.
  • By avoiding suppliers from outside of the EU, we vastly reduced the distance required for our supplies to reach us.
  • When delivery products to our customers worldwide, we ship with Carbon Offset Shipping where possible.