A Weekend in Prague

Prague rooftops. A weekend in Prague by The City Works

The City Works always aspire to shed a little light on the hidden architectural beauties that both surround us and occasionally elude us too, and when spending a weekend in Prague, some expectations are met, and others are exceeded.

Upon visiting the Czech capital there are instantly many buildings to gaze upon and streets to ponder. This is a town that needs no tour guide or city map. But if the traditional sights in Old Town are a must-see, stay within arms reach of the steady flow of tourist groups that hop from bridge to castle and back. That said, straying off the beaten track unveils a larger slice of the hardy Czech culture.

One thing that becomes noticeable about Prague is that the city never feels like settling into one particular culture. From a brief two day encounter, it appears almost proud to intertwine nationalities and accept different understandings. This is a city aware of its heritage, but slowly creeping from its hermit shell.

Prague Skyline. A Weekend in Prague by The City Works

Dancing House. A weekend in prague by the city works

A weekend in Prague by The City Works

A weekeding in prague by the city works

Don’t be shocked to see a main course set you back 400 Kč. Although firmly European, the local currency is the Koruna – 25 of which equates to a $1 – although many businesses gladly take Euros. After crunching the numbers a little, it’s clear that a weekend in Prague, is certainly an affordable one.

The Kolonial Bar. A weekend in Paris by The City Works

Kolonial Bar

Široká 25/6, 110 00 Praha, Czech Republic

A quick walk (or effortless cycle) away from the Charles Bridge, past the many dimly-lit pubs that one would expect from a country where beer is cheaper than sparkling water, is the Kolonial Bar. This atmospheric cycle-themed restaurant is a modernist’s haven. Whether it’s refreshments or a hearty yet affordable meal, this vintage classic will make do.

U Modre Kachnicky (The Blue Duckling)

Michalská 434/16, 110 00 Praha, Czech Republic

Located in the heart of Prague is this surprisingly traditional fine-dining experience. With nods towards the impeccable service of the French, and antique furniture straight out of a 20s novel, this restaurant serves a variety of fulfilling dishes, many of which are duck-related. Although the waiter might take the duration of a course to warm to you, he knows how to put on a fiery sauté display. Anywhere that has cutlery in the key-drawer of an upright piano, is worth visiting.

Article by Rowan Ottesen, Co-founder of The City Works.